Monday, 10 September 2007

Heaven and Hell - DVD clips

While visiting Geezer Butler's website last night, I found an item about the new Heaven and Hell Live From Radio City Music Hall DVD. There are four songs from the DVD to watch on Clear Channel on Demand Site.

Now, I know there are a lot of Black Sabbath purists out there (Nic!), who only like Ozzy era Sabbath, but the first Sabbath album I bought was Heaven and Hell. I like it all Ozzy and Dio stuff.

I'm going to put the DVD on my Christmas list. So there.


Nic Dafis said...

I'm no purist - Heaven and Hell was my introduction to Sabbath as well. Miles better than the last two Ozzy did with them, surely?

It might even sneak into a top 5 Sabbath album list.

Just refreshed my memory - no, too much filler.

One the best covers, though.

maffablog said...

Sorry, old chap, didn't mean to offend ;-).

Absolutely, I haven't bothered to get TE or NSD on CD (have them on vinyl in a cupboard somewhere though). Mind you, haven't bothered with Mob Rules either.

Probably not as much filler as the LiveEvil album - Dio's trade mark, I think.

Great cover.

Nic Dafis said...

'Sfunny, when I checked my Sabbath collection on iTunes those 4 albums were all missing.

Oh, and Live at Last. I still remember the review (in Sounds?) "You can hear the vomit hitting the floor."

I downloaded the 3 studio albums - the title tracks on NSD and MR are pretty good, but other than that? "Country Girl"? Meh.

Do you remember that Technical Ecstasy was difficult to get hold of? Wasn't it deleted for years? I'm pretty sure it's the only Sabbathwithozzy record I haven't got on vinyl.

Nic Dafis said...

Scratch that, I *have* got it on vinyl.

I'll get me coat.

maffablog said...

Indeed, Technical Ecstacy was really hard to get hold of, I think I had trouble getting Never Say Die too. Got TE from a mate of a mate and NSD from 'The Longplayer', the long since extinct lindie music shop in town.

Ade had Live at Last - remember when he got it, we played it really loud and his Dad said he liked the drums.

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