Thursday, 1 November 2007

The force is with me!

I picked up a copy of Lego Star Wars from Apple Store Bluewater a couple of weeks ago, for just a tenner. It is a fantastic game. The kids love it too - it has been designed for younger kids in mind, I think.

I had a problem trying to get it running under the kids user accounts so contacted Aspyr. They were pretty quick at responding and got the problem sorted within a couple days. It was all down to those pesky permissions!

Just wish I could find R2D2, so I go back and open some doors in the first scene.


Nic Dafis said...

Looks good - I may have to out this on my AMazon wishlist. I've taken a "no Warcraft" pledge since noticing that I can no longer make it up a particular local hill without stopping for breath. I need to get out more, it seems.

Luckily, those pesky kids from Taff's Well are here, so we're more or less forced to entertain them this weekend. Off to see the Bleeding Yews of Nevern, aye.

maffablog said...

This is the 2nd "no Warcraft" pledge that I know of.

You wouldn't have made it up that hill we climbed in the Peak District last weekend then. Man, was it steep.

Just 'googled' Bleeding Yews of Nevern, as I thought it might be a band, and wasn't sure how that would improve your hill climbing. Hope the Taffs Well crew were suitably 'entertained'. Did you roast them some roots?

Nic Dafis said...

I made parsnip and blue cheese soup on Friday night, and Anglesey Eggs for supper on Saturday.

I know this isn't the first time I've given up Warcraft - it's at least the fourth. I haven't deleted my characters this time, just given the disks to Philippa for safe keeping until I'm feeling a bit healthier. Need to read more, too, and watch more fillums. Rejoined Amazon DVD club, and got Bambi (which Ph has never seen, unbelievably) and the first of the 9 DVD set of Jack Hargreaves' Out of Town. Which I watched when I got in from work, in a green mist of hiraeth for the 70s.

Nic said...

Thought you'd want to know this...

I was just sitting here trying to find the name of the stained-glass artist who made this window. Couldn't remember what "Nanhyfer" is in English so I Googled "bleeding yews" and guess what the first result is?

maffablog said...

Well I'll be jiggered. Famous, at last!