Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Tygers are back!

Blabbermouth reported on the Tygers of Pan Tang's forthcoming new album, Animal Instinct, with tentative track listing and some footage from a recent gig:

Looks like Rob Weir on guitar is the only original member left.


Nic said...

Robb Weir decided to reform the band, despite being the only original member.

"Reform" doesn't seem to be quite the word he's looking for, does it?

maffablog said...

How about revive?

Nic said...

How about retirement plan?

What's he reviving, exactly, other than a brand name? He's basically starting a tribute band to his own former glories. Nothing wrong with it, and I'm sure the gigs'll be fun, but, you know.

Now, if John Deverill had been up for it... perhaps Chris could've got us back stage passes. We can but dream.

Thanks Maff, I am now downloading Tygers of Pan Tang bootlegs.

maffablog said...

I was thinking of reviving as in bring something back to life. But I see your point entirely.

I think they are playing in Brighton at some point - might be time to book that visit to our old friend Micky.

I did see them on 'The Cage' tour in Tunbridge Wells.