Tuesday, 3 June 2008

"They're really good. And they're really skiffle…"

In The Observer newspaper this week, Mark Kermode wrote of his 20-year love affair with the joy of skiffle and mentioned how he met Railroad Bill while travelling with his own band, the Railtown Bottlers:
On our travels we met up with other street skiffle acts like the terrific Railroad Bill, sharing tips on how to play the kazoo, and swapping carnival huckster spiel for working a busking crowd…
…'The real thing is on our site,' wrote Dan from Railroad Bill, and indeed it is. If you go to skiffle.co.uk you can see Railroad Bill ('Lonnie Donegan on speed') leaping around with tea-chest, washboard, saw, ukulele, kazoo and (in one instance) a ripping roll of Sellotape. They're really good. And they're really skiffle…
Check out their myspace page for tour dates and music.

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