Sunday, 4 January 2009

Welcome back to Hell

What a find! In a moment of NWOBHM nostalgia, I tried a search for "Venom Seven Dates of Hell" on YouTube yesterday and there it was - all ten songs from the 1 June 1984 Hammersmith Odeon gig. It was orginally released on VHS and I think that is where xyz8472 got it from.

I was there. No, really, I was. I remember it being one of the loudest gigs I have ever been too, with plenty of pyro and the odd guitar being smashed up. My old mate Steve the Postman, was a huge Venom fan and had a copy of this video.

For those who may not be familiar with the band, this is the intro from the biography on their website:
Venom, the original inventers and founders of Black Metal, the creators of Thrash, Speed, Death and Power Metal, the deadliest force ever to hit the music scene, the original sinners playing the Devil's music at its highest intensity, the ultimate Rock n' Roll band, Venom.

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maffablog said...

It is worth watching all of this clip just for the finale. Oh, and the credits - Nick Davies was an engineer apparently.