Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Tredegar DVD on the way

According to the TREDEGAR Official MySpace page:
There is to be a new Tredegar DVD launched. As well as early concert footage, the DVD will also feature rare never before seen interview footage, and an all new documentary and one to one with Ray Phillips. Stay tuned!
Ray Phillips' website has more info:
In addition to the unreleased film of Tredegar playing live at the Chislehurst Caves in London on 31st October 1983, other footage to be considered for release includes the promo film for ‘Duma’ which was filmed on the 27th June 1986, various film clips shot for TV from the same year, and also a very rare film of Tredegar performing Sabre Dance with a youth choir.

I went to see Tredegar about this time at The Red Lion in Northfleet near Gravesend, now called Leos. I took some photos - not sure where they are now, but will try and dig them out and if they are any good, I might put them on Flickr.

Ray Phillips is recording a solo album, due for release later this year.

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