Friday, 18 January 2008

Oh yes I did!

I went to see Stephen Fry's production of Cinderella at the Old Vic last night. It was very, very funny and had a large helping of double entendres and innuendo, some very camp moments, a couple of very ugly sisters and lots of singing and dancing. Just what panto is all about.
Take your seats for the perfect evening of family Christmas fun in this sparkling tale of magic, midnight and mischief: jam-packed with laughter, cross-dressing, singing, shoes, envy, dancing and cake. And of course love, the truest purest love you could ever wish for.
The only problem was, I had to leave early and miss the last twenty minutes, thanks to Southeastern trains. Network Rail were doing late night engineering work, which meant that if I had stayed until the end of the show, it would have taken me two hours to get home instead of the usual hour. The last hour of the journey would have been by replacement bus service, which didn't really appeal.

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