Thursday, 3 January 2008

The mob rules!

As mentioned a while back, I put the Heaven and Hell Live From Radio City Hall DVD/CD box set on my Amazon wish list for Christmas. I got it too!

It is really rather good. Mr Dio rambles on a bit in between songs and says 'bloody' in a faux brummy accent a couple times, but the music is first class. All the Dio era Sabbath classics are there - Neon Knights, Die Young and Falling Off the Edge of World. Sorry, but the live version of Heaven and Hell, although a great song, always goes on too long for my liking. The three new songs from the compilation that came out last year are also here - The Devil Cried, Shadow Of The Wind, Ear In The Wall.

The quality of concert footage on the DVD is great, but I haven't had a chance to check out the extras yet (Heaven and Hell Road Movie, Hail the Gods of Metal, Meet the Mob and Radio City). I'll let you know.

Included in the box are photos of the band, a poster and a replica back stage pass from the concert.

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